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Today's global challenges have increased the importance of secure and collaborative telecommuting!


PCPC’s RemoteViz Solution (PRVS) allows an end user anywhere in the world, with a minimal Internet connection, to have access to a highly diverse set of applications, including 3D intensive applications and critical project data. Centrally located templates for users allows administrators to update, patch and integrate security features at a single point, simplifying maintenance and reducing overhead.

PRVS is designed to address many corporate standards critical across all industries. Of special importance are these three: Cyber security, especially of valuable customer data currently downloaded to workstations -think HPPA compliance for medical images and proprietary petroleum seismic data, etc. Business continuity through elimination of anchored systems which are a single point of failure during unplanned outages caused by natural disasters and pandemics Workforce mobility by providing geographically dispersed users access to both data and applications that reside in a secure on-premises cloud or hybrid cloud environment PRVS delivers these critical values to help comply with these standards: Enhanced connectivity to applications in a high-performance environment Collaboration across multiple locations and disciplines Accelerating time to value in the decision-making process

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